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Our Exports

Our Rice Varities:

1) Traditional Brown Rice 2) Traditional Basmati Rice
3) 1121 Brown Rice 4) 1121 Steam Rice
5) 1121 Parboiled Golden Rice 6) 1121 Parboiled White Rice
7) Pusa Brown Rice 8) Pusa Steam Rice
9) Pusa Parboiled Rice ( Golden / Cream ) 10) Sharabti Steam Rice
11) Long Grain white rice max 5% broken 12) Long Grain Parboiled max 5% broken
13) Long Grain white rice max 10% broken 14) Long Grain Parboiled max 10% broken
Brown_Rice1 Brown Rice
Brown rice is a nutritious whole grain that delivers fiber, protein and selenium. It is not another type of rice; it’s the same as white rice without all the good stuff removed in processing. Whole grains in general are packed with nutrients and fiber, which aids in healthy digestion and weight management. These are the “good carbs” that help balance your diet and can fill you up.
White_Rice White Rice
White rice flour ontains high levels of protein, but it contains much less vitamins, minerals, and fiber than brown rice because the bran and germ has been removed. There are many varieties of rice; for many purposes the main distinction is between long-, medium-, and short-grain rice. The grains of long-grain rice (high amylase) tend to remain intact after cooking; medium-grain rice (high amyl pectin) becomes stickier. Medium-grain rice is used for sweet dishes, for risotto in Italy and many rice dishes.
Sella_Rice Sella Rice
It is a rice which is milled differently than other rice, i.e the paddy is steamed and then dried for milling, the yellow color it adapts is because of this process. Now you can take different kind of rice paddy, i.e basmati, or non basmati and procees them to make a sella rice. for its unique color, it is widely used in preparing pulao, Biryani.